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Visit Payzant Home Hardware Building Centre, our preferred supplier.

What you need to know about The Atlantic Home Warranty Program

Hiring a member of the Nova Scotia Home Builders' Association to build your home helps ensure you get a quality product.

Visit Nigel Collinson at NC Designs, providing design and drafting service for the construction industry since 1987.

Building on an island... Future Design Home Builders quality is not compromised by challenges!

Over 30 successful years, Future Design Builders has built hundreds of homes - ranging from starter homes to exclusive estates - and every size in between. They enjoy variety and often have several very different projects underway at any given time. FDB welcomes unique challenges and has constructed a new home on an island completely separated from the mainland and only accessible by water. Building without water or electricity offers many challenges but none that cannot be conquered. Utilizing fishing boats, barges and in some cases even helicopters to get the materials to remote sites and making sure the manpower is present to handle it when it arrives are key factors in making sure things run smoothly when building on an island.

5 Jonathan Avenue, Shad Bay
Halifax, Nova Scotia | Map