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Just for You

Some people want to be more involved in the building of their home. Future Design Builders offers another service for those clients who want the chance to take a more hands on approach to building. With their project management option, clients are provided with an outline of all the costs involved in the construction of their new home and then they pay Future Design Builders a percentage of the total cost for management of the project.

Over the past two decades, Barry and Karen have built a full range of homes and each, regardless of the size or price, is given the same level of attention. They want clients who are building starter homes today to call them when they’re ready to move into a larger home.

Future Design Builders takes great pride in their decision to concentrate on building custom homes, rather than mass production of homes in high volume areas. Far too often, clients are required to enter into a contract with a builder just because he has the property. They prefer clients to come to them because they’ve heard good things and feel comfortable with the level of service.

5 Jonathan Avenue, Shad Bay
Halifax, Nova Scotia | Map