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Client Stories

Exactly the way we wanted ...

When choosing someone to build your home, you place a lot of trust in that person. Trust that they will build exactly what you have requested, trust that it will be built properly, on time and by quality workmen.

We have lived in a home that Barry built for us 15 years ago, and this home was built exactly the way we wanted, on time and by quality workers. Barry made suggestions that either saved us some money at the time, or have served us well over the years since we have been here. But equally important, he was there afterwards. His involvement doesn’t end when the house is done. His after sales service has been excellent. In fact, 7 years afterwards, we asked him where we could find something that had come off during a storm, and he just replaced it without cost to us.

We had therefore no hesitation to ask him to build us another home last year. And again, his standards were the same. He is on site, he manages the job every day and looks out for you to make sure everything is done correctly. He keeps you informed, is there to answer questions and makes house building stress free.... We recommend him and will work with him again in the future.

They involved us every step of the way ...

“IF YOU DREAM IT, WE CAN BUILD IT” is the motto of FUTURE DESIGN BUILDERS and they absolutely do that.

We had a dream of moving to Nova Scotia from Ontario and building our retirement home here. We knew it would be a challenge, as we were still working and planning to do so up until the time of our move.

We interviewed a number of builders in the area and when we arrived for our meeting with Barry and Karen, on the wrong day, there was no panic on their end. Barry was busy out of town and wouldn’t make it back for several hours, so Karen took us under her wing. She took us into the office for an introductory chat and we met Barry the next day. It was as though we had known them forever. It was an easy decision, once we reviewed the plans, talked about when/where we planned to build, checked references, etc., to have them build our home. One of the features of their company that we liked was that they only built a few homes a year. We felt that there would be a more personal working relationship as they were hands on and we knew that both would make regular trips to our site while the work was underway.

They involved us every step of the way with phone calls, e-mails, pictures and of course, the occasional visit from one or both of us when we flew down for a few days to check the progress of the work. Changes were discussed and solutions to any problems which arose during construction were arrived at quickly. We met everyone involved in the building of our home, from the contractor who cleared our lot exactly as we wanted it done, to the many trades who worked so diligently to complete the job right on time.

Shirley & Peter Davidson

You built a home we are proud of ...

We want to thank you for building a fantastic house, a home that we are proud of, with all the attention to details that makes you a reputable builder. You gave us input for changes when deemed necessary and we appreciate your views. You delivered on time and on budget and this is also much to our satisfaction. As a small builder, you are gigantic! We wanted hands on and you delivered. You were available and we thank you for meeting even when our schedules conflicted. This was a valuable experience and proves to us that one should not be his own general contractor.

Remy & Josie Richard


5 Jonathan Avenue, Shad Bay
Halifax, Nova Scotia | Map